Monday, February 15th, 2010

Dear Mother Nature…

Deer Up to their Chests in the Snow…enough already!

We get the picture. There’s no such thing as global warming.

Now, please stop.


The Northeastern United States and Beyond

Just when I thought it was safe to go outside again…the snow makes another appearance. It’s hard to believe it’s snowing again (and that another storm is predicted for next weekend).

We’ve had a bit of thaw since the last, but not much.

Most of the road are finally clear. The animals have just started venturing out again.

I’m really not up to shoveling anymore.

[The pic was taken by a friend of the family down in southern Maryland on Thursday 2/11/2010.]

2 comments to Dear Mother Nature…

  • Marydon

    G’day Kelly ~ This picture was shown on channel 9 news the other day & Topper Shutt was annoyed the second day after it airing, as it was a ‘snookering’ he said … my brother sent it to me the same day as aired & I have seen it everywhere … wonder where it really was taken … altho it sure looked like our fantasyland of white locally, doesn’t it.

    I cannot see on your blog where to FOLLOW you at, please advise.

    As always, great seeing the 3 of you at church today.
    Huggers, M

    • Thanks for the info. You know it’s really a terrible thing when you ask a friend if they really did take the photo…’cause you wanna post it…and they tell you yes! 🙂

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