Friday, October 29th, 2010

Writing Prompt – Ghosts and Haunted Houses

Haunted HouseI grew up in a haunted house.

I know this because I saw the ghost many times. I’m not crazy – his existence has been collaborated by visitors who’ve seen him, too.

Legend has it that the house was a former monastery, moved from another location in Baltimore to its present location. The ghost was a man, dressed in what I remember as monk’s robes, and when visible, he always appeared to be searching for something.

I make the distinction of his being visible, because there are many times we heard the ghost, but didn’t see him. While walking down the basement stairs, you could hear his footfalls behind you, as well as the creaking of the old staircase. You could also hear his footsteps on the kitchen floor.

On rare occasions, you could feel his presence – not the Hollywood version of dropping temperatures and frosty breath – just the simple impression that you weren’t alone in the room.

He never spoke, but we got the impression he listened. So, we often spoke to him. It grew to be a comfortable relationship.

Here’s Your Prompt:   It’s too easy for me to tell you to write just any ghost story. So…write your own ghost story. Who would you haunt? Where would you haunt? How did you die? Don’t be glib: I don’t want to read about you coming back to haunt your worst boss or your ex-boyfriend. Give it some thought. My monkish ghost is always searching for something…I imagine a crucifix of some sort. It’s important to him, and he can’t rest until he finds it. Why would you be haunting a place? What job have you left undone? What job do you need to do before you can move on?

2 comments to Writing Prompt – Ghosts and Haunted Houses

  • Pacing back and forth in the tiny upstairs room I once called home, my eyes return to the rusted hulk of a typewriter with faded yellow paper lying blankly on the roller; a silent testament to writers’ block. How long had it been, I wonder, as I reach the paneled wall and turn. Sleep eludes me and food no longer sustains me, only the welcomed return of my muse can offer release from my endless wandering. Just one sentence and I’ll be free.

    • Carl! This is great! (And a scary thought, too! I’d hate to have to haunt a place just because I didn’t finish what I’d written!) Adding to my to-do list: Finish it all before I go!

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