Friday, November 18th, 2011

Writing Prompt – What’s in the Bag?

Brown Paper Grocery BagAs part of the entire roof debacle, I had all the carpet replaced in the upstairs of the house. In order to carpet the closets, everything had to come up off the floor in each one.

Inside my closet, I found this brown, paper grocery bag.

I’ve no idea what’s inside it. The top’s turned down, and stapled, and I haven’t opened it. I’m having too much fun trying to decide what’s inside to peek right now.

(Incidentally, it’s not my style to store something like this. It sounds like a certain parent I know… On the other hand, I may have learned it from her. But, still, I’m usually good at labeling. I can’t believe I’m at fault.)

Here’s Your Prompt:

Tell me what’s in the bag.

Where did it come from? Who was it given to? What happens if the wrong person looks inside?

Is it a gift? A memory stored away out of sight? An embarrassing impulse buy?

Don’t just make a guess….write the background, then the story.

4 comments to Writing Prompt – What’s in the Bag?

  • Cori B

    It must be filled with stuffed animals in hopes of being forgotten. IF opened in the presence of a certain child, you’ll have to give them back – open only in the darkest recesses of your closet! Alone!

    • Ha! If that’s what it is….its going out with the next load to the thrift store. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s not however; because the bag doesn’t have that ‘bulgy’ feel of a tangle of arms and legs….and trunks and tails. I’ll let you know….

  • Inside the bag is a suit of clothes with interesting properties. When donned, it conforms itself in a tight-fitting, wrinkle-free way, to the wearer and gives the wearer a random super-power. For you, it would turn you into Teleportation-Woman (as in your entry from February 25, 2011).

    The bag was left by one of the carpet-installer guys, who, when he wore the suit, became Mr. Talks-to-Whales Man. That turned out to be a less useful superpower for him than you might imagine, so he has passed the suit to you.

    Remember, use your super-power only for good.

    • Hi Steve!

      Oh! Not just teleportation, but wrinkle-free! (I’d settle for just wrinkle-free, you know.) Tight-fitting I’m not so on-board with…unless it appears to shave off several pounds while it’s at it! Keeping my fingers crossed for teleportation… I’d don a suit that made me look like a stuffed sausage if it could get me from here to Milan in a blink of an eye!

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