Monday, May 10th, 2010


Fortune CookieI left for work in a hurry today, and forgot my lunch..left it right on the counter next to the coffee pot.

That meant Chinese for lunch, because, well, you know my propensity for Chinese. (Perhaps if Moe’s hadn’t have closed up shop across the street, I may have gone there today. But, well, no such luck.)

I was handed a cookie after I paid my tab. I got to the car, buckled in, slid out of the parking space and onto the road… the tension is building here, can you feel it? Then I unwrapped the cookie and snapped it in two, only to discover…no fortune.

Nothing. Not even a blank paper ribbon. I’m not sure if that would have been worse. (Perhaps this was karma at work, getting me back for that time I received too many fortunes in my cookie?)

I almost — almost — turned the car back into the parking lot so that could go ask for another cookie, but I stopped myself just in time.

Still, it had me bummed for the brief ride back to work.

Would you have gone back for another cookie, or accepted the unfortunate circumstances?

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