Thursday, October 21st, 2010

I’m Attending Capclave This Weekend. How About You?

Capclave Dodo I’ll be at Capclave this weekend, reading from…something. I haven’t decided yet.

I read from Blood Soup last year…but it’s tempting to read from it again since Halloween is right around the corner. It’s a nice dark story for Halloween.

I’m also teaching a seminar on submitting short fiction for publication.

Capclave is hosted by the Washington, DC Science Fiction Association and promotes short fiction. Their motto is: Where reading is not extinct!

The convention tends to be small and literary, but enjoys participation from big names in the field. This year’s Guests of Honor are Connie Willis, Ann VanderMeer, and Jeff VanderMeer.

I’ll be reading with other members of Broad Universe, including Jean Marie Ward, Roxanne Bland, and Dina A. Leacock. We’ll be doing a “Rapid Fire Reading.” Each of us will read for about ten minutes from out work.

And, we’ll have chocolate.

If you’re in the Washington Area, please join us. I’d love to meet you.

3 comments to I’m Attending Capclave This Weekend. How About You?

  • Kelly,

    This is lousy timing – my daughters are getting together this weekend to celebrate their respective birthdays, so I won’t be able to attend after all. I wish you luck on your seminar (which I’ve seen and it is a good one!)

    If you are looking for something dark to read, let me know. I’ve got a fairly decent short story you could read.

    • Hi Carl! Best wishes to your daughters on their birthdays! I’ll miss seeing you…but family comes first. Always. šŸ™‚ I’d love to read your short story…is this for pleasure or commentary? I’m easy with both. Which reminds me, you’ve got a novel to send me… how go the updates on that?

  • For your enjoyment, I offer a nice dark story for Halloween… ‘In the Shadow of the Oak’

    As for my novel, I have decided that it is about as ready as it will ever be and now struggle with finding an agent who will fall in love with it. I can send you one of my printed “beta reader” copies, or the electronic version if you’d prefer.

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