Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Follow-Up: Official Write Your @ss Off

Write Your @ss Off My official “Write Your @ss Off” day was Friday…but my glee at having eight hours of uninterrupted writerly stuff was crushed under the weight of nearly 30 inches of snow.

Not that I didn’t get anything done. I simply spread the eight hours of “to do” over the weekend, in between shoveling snow, enjoying hot cups of coffee and viewing a bit of the Superbowl. (Weren’t the commercials terrible this year? I swear I’m going to stop watching them…)

Here’s how my to-do list looks:

  • Write an initial blog post, outlining my plans – Done!
  • Write my daily minimum on my current WIP – I did work on this, I just didn’t meet my self-prescribed quota
  • Write a duplicate amount on “something new” – Done!
  • Update my Facebook Page – Done!
  • Clean off the top of my desk…Oh, well…one can hope!

These were the extra activities I’d planned if there were time:

  • Reply to my writer friends whose emails I still haven’t gotten to – Done! (Hi, Friends!)
  • Update my Web page (minor changes) – Done!
  • Organize my 2009 (Writing) Tax items
  • Set up my 2010 (Writing) Tax Spreadsheets – Done!
  • Read from one of the writing books I bought this year – Done!
  • Write a summarizing blog post – (This is it!)

It turned out to be quite a productive weekend. I managed to do some other writerly stuff, too:

  • Finalize details for a reading at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC in March.
  • Agree to speak on marketing short fiction at a local writer’s group
  • Dug out an old copy of “Writer’s Dreamkit 4” (software) and gave it a go on the “new” WIP. I was inspired to do this by a blog post by The Intern. (Her review is spot on if you want to give it a go…)

    I hope everyone else participating fared just as well!

2 comments to Follow-Up: Official Write Your @ss Off

  • you go, Kelly! you got SO much done, and really kept in the spirit of it by not doing a strict word count-only approach. you REALLY kicked @ss.

    • Hi Moonrat! Thanks for stopping by. It was tempting…very tempting to “just write.” But I think it was a more prosperous day not giving in to that temptation. Thanks for organizing WY@O…I’m already anxious for another.

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