Monday, October 25th, 2010

Capclave 2010 a Blast

I have to keep this short because it’s gotten so late…

Capclave was a blast this year.

I met a lot of nice people at my Submitting Short Fiction Seminar and had the opportunity to chat at length with 1632 author Iver P. Cooper. It’s got me thinking about writing some stories for the Grantville Gazette.

(Seminar attendees: look right for the link I mentioned I’d be putting up.)

I finally decided on reading from “The Dragon’s Clause” during the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading. The reading was sparsely attended, but to be expected since it took place directly after the dinner hour. I suspect that many folks were still out socializing and touring the area. (Nonetheless, I think I read well. I’d practiced, because the few bits of Italian in the story can really trip up the tongue. I’m glad to say that I got through “Consiglio Grande e Generale Municipio” without effort.

The dealer’s room had only a few dealers, and I have to admit that I was disappointed. Nonetheless, I managed another Moratorium #fail by purchasing two books from C.J. Henderson, a fellow Bad Ass Fairies author. I’ll probably get to those books in June! Worse: he tossed in a free magazine….like I need another “something” to read. (Thanks, C.J.!) 😉

I caught up with some fellow knitters, and I’m kicking myself because I didn’t ask about a beautiful brownish-red scarf/caplet that I’d been admiring. I got caught up in the conversation and the moment was lost. (Hint, hint! If you’re reading….can you tell me where to get the pattern?)

Again, must run…but before sign off: Special thanks to Colleen Cahill, a Capclave organizer who is amazing at getting things done. Colleen asked me to attend and made certain I had a projector for my seminar….

More later!

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