Friday, July 1st, 2011

Writing Prompt – When the Words Won’t Come

Crumpled PaperSometimes when we write, the words won’t come.

Or, they’re boring.

Or, they’re average, common or trite.

It could be the subject matter. Or that we’re trying to hard. Or we’re afraid to write the words.

It could also be a thousand other things. Unrelated to writing things. We’re tired. We’re fried from a long work week. The commute sucked. It’s too noisy. We just can’t concentrate.

Many times, we’re dancing around the point.

Here’s Your Prompt:

When you’re stuck with your writing, and the words won’t come, just draw a line on the page (or skip a few lines on the screen) and write:

What I’m really trying to say is…

… and then write for 10 minutes about what’s really on your mind. It may or may not fix the scene or the poem or the passage you’re working on. But it may open avenues to other pieces. It might be the kernel of the next book or poem or essay you want to begin.

Or, it might be just getting something off your mind. It might clear the path for getting back to what you were doing.

It might be exactly what you want to write about.

Either way, it’s deeper thinking, food for thought….something to be considered when next you write again.

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