Friday, July 9th, 2010

Writing Prompt – Winning the Lottery

Scratch Off Lottery TicketI received a lottery scratch-off card as a gift a while back. Several, actually…and I won!

Two bucks.

Not a big deal, but two bucks is enough for an icy Diet Coke and a York Peppermint Patty…my favorite snack combo in the world.

Winning got me thinking about actually winning the lottery. A big prize, say, $10 million. What would I do?

First things first: I’d pay off the mortgage and then invest some funds in a nice safe place for my retirement. I’d probably fix a few things on the house: roof, front walk, etc. After that, I’d share.

I’d offer to fund some college educations for the kiddos in the family, and split the rest with my siblings, parents and in-laws. Why not? I can’t spend it all, really…

Here’s Your Prompt: Write about someone who wins the lottery. Is it you? Is it a family member? How much did he, she or you, win? Did the amount affect how that person acts? Did he quit his job? Money does funny things to people…how do friends or family members of the lottery winner act? Do they beg for money? Ask for a loan? What kind of suggestions do they make for spending the cash? Are there arguments over the cash? Maybe the winner bought the ticket with borrowed funds…in that case, who do the winnings actually belong to? Maybe there’s joy over the winning…does the cash come at an opportune time?

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