Friday, September 30th, 2011

Writing Prompt – Wanderlust

Wanderlust - a strong or irresistible urge to travelI always get a little itchy around the change of seasons — for a change of scenery — particularly during Autumn.

Is it because I know Winter is just around the corner and I’ll be cooped up inside? Or, is it the allure of Fall foliage that has me wanting to gad about?

I’m not sure.

It could simply be the weather. (I stepped out onto the porch this morning into bright, clear sunshine, hot on my arms, coupled with a cool breeze. Perfect hiking weather.)

Or, it could be I need of a change of pace.


The ache is there, simply to get away.

Here’s Your Prompt:

Go somewhere you’ve never been before, and write. Do you frequent the same coffee bar to write? Try a different one. Do you go to the same park? Try a different bench, with a different view. Turn your back on the old one.

The point here is to see something different while you’re writing.

Can’t get out of the house? Write in a different room (or on the front porch, or even in the hallway.)

If this isn’t appealing, pull out some old snapshots of places you’ve been, or postcards you’ve received. Give them a good look and write about what you see.

Open an atlas, or spin a globe. Close your eyes and let your finger drop down on a location. Write about it. Don’t do any research, just write what you know. If you don’t know anything, make it up. Write what you think the scenery might look like, and how the people look and talk and act. Write about the things you could do there.

Before you begin your journey, don’t forget to write a farewell letter.

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