Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Writing Prompt – Telling Fortunes, Fortune Telling

I’m reading a book by a new-to-me author and I’m really enjoying it, despite my reluctance to start. It was one of these world-traveling books where the modern-day protagonist finds a magic item at a yard sale and is whisked to another world. Quite the trope set up.

But I read a blog post by the author (on something completely unrelated) and her voice caught my fancy.

The intriguing twist in the book is that when our lovely world-traveling protag ends up in her other world, she can tell the future of anyone she touches.

So, of course, my mind is on fortune-telling. Fortunes make wonderful leaping off points for story or scene starters. I imagine they’re great for jogging your memory if you’re writing your memoir.

With that in mind, your prompt today is set of “fortune-teller like” predictions.

Here’s Your Prompt

  • “…it came to pass that…”
  • You are in the woods. You must prepare a sacrifice.
  • The architect of your destiny is…
  • You are walking the city streets, randomly turning corners, when an animal approaches you and tells you something…
  • You’re on a journey, between heaven and earth, approaching the sacred site. And the sacred site looks like a shiny diamond, protected by the worst of hell’s fatal traps…
  • Down into the deepest depths you look…and see what?
  • You have the opportunity to visit a seer. What is the one question you’re allowed to ask? What’s the answer?
  • Stones by the road tell the future of what’s to come.
  • You receive an invitation from a casual acquaintance, and find yourself at a party attended by hundreds in a large, elegant mansion in the ritzy part of a town. An hour after you arrive you receive another invitation — delivered by one of the caterer’s staff — to meet the Lady of All Wild Things on the balcony, overlooking the pool…
  • A stranger approaches you in a grocery story and hands you something, saying, “Wear this for protection.”

If you don’t like my suggestions, try the on line Fortune Cookie. You can reload the page to find new suggestions.

Good Luck!

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