Friday, June 17th, 2011

Writing Prompt – School’s Out for the Summer!

School's Out[… cue the Alice Cooper music…]

Yesterday was the last day of school in our county, and the little parasites are out in droves today. Can’t go anywhere today without bumping into one!

So…in honor of summer vacation…

Here’s Your Prompt:

Depending on your school district, you have approximately 104 days of summer vacation.

What are your plans?

Pretend you’ve got nothing to do until school is back in session…and you’ve got to plan out how you’re going to spend each and every day.

Money doesn’t matter, obligations don’t exist, any and all transportation is available to you. (So, if you want to take a trip to the moon…you may.)

Parse out the vacation by weeks or by days — or weekends — or whatever takes your fancy. Explain where you’re going to go, how you’re going to get there, who you’re going with, and most importantly: why you’re going.

Dig deep into your soul and examine the reason your trip. (“Because I’ve never been there,” isn’t good enough.)

And remember, we’re imagining here…so the reasons can be imaginary, too…

Once you’ve planned your entire vacation, choose one of your trips and pretend it’s already happened. Spend some time showing how the trip went, what you experienced along the way, and whether or not you fulfilled your reason for going.

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