Friday, December 21st, 2012

Writing Prompt: Relax

That’s me today: relaxed.

I’ve got all my holiday stuff together: gifts bought, packages wrapped, etc. Now, I’m just sitting with my feet up and a cup of eggnog in my hand.

(Well, not really. Being done just means I get to play at my second job – writing. But you get the idea…)

Here’s Your Prompt:

  • Write a scene in which your character is totally relaxed…and shouldn’t be. What are the consequences? Does it raise the stakes in the story? (I hope so!)
  • Write a poem about all things relaxing. Try to relax the reader, without actually using that word (or another like it.)
  • London will prove the very source of honour.
    Plunged fairly in, like a cold bath it serves,
    When principles relax, to brace the nerves:
    Such is my case; and yet I must deplore
    That the gay dream of dissipation ’s o’er.

    ~ Richard Brinsley Sheridan, “Epilogue By Mr. Colman; Spoken by Lady Teazle”

  • If you journal, write about the time you were most relaxed. What would it take to find that contentment again? Or, write about little daily rituals which might relax you (a cup of coffee, a warm bath, etc.) Are they enough?

Good Luck!

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