Friday, February 10th, 2012

Writing Prompt – National Umbrella Day

Umbrellas Leaning Against a Wall in a Temple in JapanFebruary 10 is National Umbrella Day in the United States.

(I didn’t know this until I sat down to write this post.)

Seems kind of silly to me. (But fun, too. For some reason it makes me wish it were raining today.)

I suspect that “National Umbrella Day” must be the product of a greeting card company, because I can find no congressional evidence of a “national” day being declared for it.

Do you have a favorite bumbershoot? I have this wonderful golf-sized umbrella that I got free from drinking lots of Lipton Tea. It’s red-and-white-striped with the Lipton logo. It’s my go-to umbrella when it’s raining…and people laugh and laugh because it’s so huge. But it keeps me dry, so I’m keeping it.

Here’s Your Prompt:

  • Write a poem using the imagery of an umbrella. It can be any kind of umbrella: rain umbrella, beach umbrella, an umbrella in a mixed drink, one of those silly hat umbrellas, etc.
  • If you journal, write a letter to your children (or nieces and nephews) about the time you needed an umbrella and didn’t have one.
  • Consider the things that “umbrella” is a metaphor for: a shield for protection, something to hide behind, as a cover from risk, or a folded umbrella representing untapped potential, etc. Write about the time you or a character in one of your stories could have used an umbrella — metaphorically.

2 comments to Writing Prompt – National Umbrella Day

  • What? I missed National Umbrella Day? Again? Seems like every year that holiday just sits around hidden somewhere, then as if someone hit a button it quickly unfolds around and above you, then before you know it it’s contracted back again and hidden away, lost. It’s like…like…well, I can’t come up with a good analogy right now. Anyway, I’m going to mark National Umbrella Day on my 2013 calendar right now so I don’t miss it next year!

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