Friday, November 4th, 2011

Writing Prompt – National Candy Day

Sugared CandyToday is National Candy Day.

You’d think someone would have the good sense to combine it with Halloween, when it comes right on the heels of it, wouldn’t you?

No worries, though, I plan to celebrate with my absolute favorite candy/drink combination:

York Peppermint Patty and an ICE COLD bottle of Diet Coke. There’s nothing better than that cool minty sensation burning down the back of your throat in a huge swallow of icy cola.


But not before breakfast. That would be sacrilege. Perhaps for a mid-morning snack…

(According to the National Confectioner’s Association, there are no less than 15 “National Chocolate” something or other days and one International Chocolate Day, as well as 35 “National” candy days total in the yearly calendar, including National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day, only a few days away on November 7. However, their calendar doesn’t mention National Candy Day at all…nor does it mention that, apparently, June is National Candy month.)

Before you get started today, I recommend channeling your inner child and eat all the candy you find around the house. If you don’t have any leftover, I’ll bet you could catch a good sale. You remember the immortal words of Bart Simpson, right?

“It’s okay. There’s no sugar in Pixie sticks.”

Here’s Your Prompt:

  • Invent a new candy! Put on your Wonka hat and create the sugary treat missing the world over. Make a list of all the ingredients that have to go in (don’t forget those spoonfuls of love and pinches of mystery.) Describe it, draw it, and then write the advertising copy.
  • Do this slowly: Close your eyes and lift your favorite candy to your nose. What does it smell like? Can you smell the individual ingredients that make it up? What do you think of when you smell them? (Does vanilla remind you of sex? Does cinnamon recall the pungent odor of a burning fire or a cup of hot chocolate?)

    What is the texture of the candy on your fingertips? What does that remind you of. Lastly, take a bite. Take note of the texture, the blending flavors on your tongue. How much did you salivate? Write down all these sensations, thoughts, feelings.

  • Think of a character you are writing about. What is his or her favorite candy? Why? How does knowing this change your story? Could this candy play a key role in the plot of the story?
  • What kind of candy best describes your personality? Write about it.
  • Write a haiku or other poem about candy. The heart of the poem can be about anything: an ode to your favorite candy, or a poem of disgust for what you think is the worse; that candy should be banned, how candy once saved your life (or nearly destroyed it), that candy should be served before dinner… Anything.

2 comments to Writing Prompt – National Candy Day

  • Gayle G.

    I didn’t get a chance to write this all out, but I did have fond memories of candy. Does cotton candy count? Still love the stuff. And peanut butter twix. Heaven.

    • Hi Gayle! Absolutely cotton candy counts!

      I used to love going to carnivals and getting the stuff. I’m not a fan of the ‘canned’ cotton candy you can buy at the grocery store now. Takes all the excitement out of it.

      I’ve never tried a peanut butter twix. (Adding that to the grocery list…)

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