Friday, October 28th, 2011

Writing Prompt – Endings

Railroad Tracks Abruptly EndingLeaving the restaurant last night after my monthly writer’s group meeting, I was struck by a hint of sadness. It’s always like that: similar minds coming together for a few hours, talking shop, encouraging each other, witnessing some really great writing.

Last night we laughed a lot. And I’m still smiling thinking of our conversations.

And then we had to go home. The End.

How sad.

We stepped outside into utter darkness, a fierce wind blowing, the promise of rain in the air…letting us know that it wasn’t just the evening ending. The year is fast on its way to being over, too.

So, today we’re talking about endings…arguably the most important part of a story. Does it have to tie up all the loose ends? Not necessarily. I like to think the characters I love have more to aspire to then the end of the book. The ending does have to solve the major problem, though: I can’t have all that build-up without some kind of resolution (even if it’s one I don’t like). That just feels like hard work without any reward.

When I get to the end of a book, I want to feel like I’ve just eaten chocolate.

Here’s Your Prompt:

Write an ending.

Have you read a book that you didn’t like the ending of? Re-write it. Have you seen any movies that had you mesmerized…until the last twenty minutes? Write the rant you’ve been discussing around the water cooler. Once you’ve gotten it all out, write a better ending.

Write about something that ended before you expected to.

Write the ending of your own life. Write three endings to your life.

When you’re done writing, write “THE END” at the bottom of the page. How did that make you feel?

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