Friday, October 15th, 2010

Writing Prompt: Comfort Food

This post is twofold:

First: Imagine sitting in front of the TV, unstaring. You don’t know what’s on, and you won’t remember what you were watching later. You’re mind is too occupied with what’s happened.

Second: You’re chowing down on your favorite comfort food.

Is it mac-and-cheese? Ice cream? Some ethnic dish from your childhood?

For me, it’s golden-yellow chicken soup, lightly salted and served with thick, chewy kluski noodles…just like my grandmother used to make. She served them separately: steaming soup in flat, white bowls at each place setting and a tremendous glass bowl piled high with noodles in the center of the table.

We were allowed to spoon as many noodles into the broth as wanted, slurp them up, and then add more noodles.

I want some right now.

Here’s Your Prompt: What happened? Why are you in such a funk? Did your dog get run over by your best friend? Have you lost your best friend? Is it something you did? Is it something that was done to you? And what’s that you’re eating? Did you make it yourself, or did someone bring it over? Do you keep it on hand for exactly this kind of need? Is it making you feel any better? Why or why not? What happens now?

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