Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Writing Prompt – Change of Seasons

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Today is the first day of Fall, my favorite season.

I love crisp weather, the smell of woodsmoke, and the changing of the leaves. I’m also a big fan of shorter days and longer nights. (I love the night!) And, I can’t wait to wear all those things I’ve been knitting.

I love fall colors…crisp, red apples; heavy, orange pumpkins; papery, yellow leaves.

Summer is a shadow — a watered down step-sister — of her vibrant kin Autumn, and I’m glad she’s moving on.

Fall is rich in sights and sounds that just aren’t as available in the summer months. It’s like Mother Nature turns a switch and suddenly, instead of these hazy, lazy, sultry days, we’ve got sound and motion when the wind rattles dried leaves still on the branches; and, we’ve got rich color in pumpkins and gourds and mums; and we’re bombarded by the perfume of pie, and wood smoke, and simmering stew and baked turkey.

Yum! Autumn is a hedonist’s delight!

Here’s Your Prompt:

A veritable cornucopia of writing prompt ideas…

  • Write an essay about something you did or remember during the Fall when you were growing up — something you have strong feelings about, good or bad: raking leaves, carving pumpkins, sneaking cigarettes outside in the cold, a bonfire, a family get together.
  • Word Association: Harvest time. Falling leaves. Corn mazes. Acorns. Pumpkins. Scarecrows. Hay rides. Halloween. Haunted Houses. Thanksgiving.
  • Tell a ghost story: one you’ve made up, or one you or someone you know has experienced.
  • Imagine that you (or your character) is forced to live outside though Fall and Winter. How would you survive? What would be the worst part about it?
  • Write about the changing of the seasons. How they affect you or your characters. What’s bad about the change? Or good? What if the season never changed?
  • Write about your favorite season. Why is it your favorite? what makes it better than all the others?
  • Write about your least-favorite season. Why do you dislike it? what makes it the worst time of year?

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