Friday, April 8th, 2011

Writing Prompt: 200 Words Before Breakfast

Today’s prompt is all about quantity and nothing about subject matter.

Yesterday, Wil Wheaton posted on his blog Two Hundred Words Before Six in the Morning.

A single page, double-spaced, yields on average 250 words – less, however, if you’re writing poetry or dialogue. But if you can write one page every day, you can churn out roughly one novel a year (two, if you’re writing YA fiction.)

Can you do it?

Here’s Your Prompt: Write 200 words before something:  200 words before breakfast, or before your lunch break is over, or before you have to leave the house this morning.

Write 200 words before you’re finished drinking your coffee / tea / soda. Write 200 words before you have to pick up the kids from school today.

Do you work full time? Write 200 words before you start your workday, or before your morning meeting (admit it, you’re checking your personal email, right? Skip it, and write.)

Do you ride public transportation? Write 200 words before your stop. Or, 200 words before you arrive this morning.

Whatever you do today, write 200 words.

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