Friday, February 5th, 2010

Write Your @ss Off – Officially

Snowy Rose of Sharon - by Kelly A. Harmon
Rose of Sharon outside my office window.

This is the “official” beginning of the Write Your @ss Off weekend. I hope to accomplish as much today as I did last Friday…although my time might be cut short.

The northeast (and probably elsewhere) is expecting a doozy of a snowstorm — perhaps more than two feet of snow in my area — and I may need to sign off and do some “because of the snow” things.

Because of that, I’m keeping my main list short, and my “if there’s time” list long. What I can’t accomplish today, I intend to get done this weekend. (If the weather guys are correct, I should have nothing better to do this weekend anyway–bring on the snow!)

Here are my plans:

  • Write an initial blog post, outlining my plans (This is it, BTW, in case you’re wondering…)
  • Write my daily minimum on my current WIP
  • Write a duplicate amount on “something new” (I started this “something new” last Friday)
  • Update my Facebook Fan Page
  • Clean off the top of my desk…(Is this stretching it? I don’t care…cleaning up will promote more efficient writing…)

If there’s time left in the day, I will:

  • Reply to my writer friends whose emails I still haven’t gotten to
  • Update my Web page with a few minor things
  • Organize my 2009 (Writing) Tax items
  • Set up my 2010 (Writing) Tax Spreadsheets
  • Read from one (finish one?!) of the writing books I bought this year
  • Write a summarizing blog post

How does Write Your @ss Off work? This is from JES over at Running After My Hat.

Write some, sure. Nobody could object to that. But even if you never lay your fingers on your keyboard, never pick up your pen or handheld voice recorder, even then: can you set aside 7-1/2(ish) hours in a single block of 24 hours to think about, work on, research, accommodate, market, and/or otherwise honor the act and craft of writing? Your own writing, that is, and not someone else’s?

At last count, there were nearly 60 people joining in this weekend. Why don’t you join us, anonymously, or officially.

See my last post on WYAO for all the details. If you sign up officially, don’t forget to drop me a line.

2 comments to Write Your @ss Off – Officially

  • I guess I didn’t do it “officially,” but it totally happened. Rewrote, revised, edited, then proofread entire first chapter of _Starbard_ (what you received – & THANK YOU! for comments!)… then went through the whole damn ms AGAIN, changed a few more nit-picky things. Then, picked out a reading for Boskone and, though I’ve read this particular part out loud at least once, found MORE stuff. 🙂

    Was about 16 hours total in the weekend. Not including blogging, which generally, goes 1-2 hours.

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