Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Hello World!

Cartoon graphic of earth with an Easter Island Statue in front.Have you backed up your computer lately?

Mine crashed a few weeks ago (hence the few and far between posts here lately). But the new laptop has arrived and I’m almost back in business. I’ve still got some additional programs to install, but you should start seeing me a little more often from now on.

How have y’all been?

4 comments to Hello World!

  • Kelly, congratulations on getting your new laptop. And welcome back to the Internet! I’m afraid the entire Internet is about the same as it was before your old computer crashed. If anything, the net has gotten worse. Maybe, with you back, things will get better.

  • A.R. Hill

    Welcome back Kelly! I haven’t backed up my computer in a while, but I *do* keep all the writings on Dropbox – which has saved my bacon a few times! Yay for technology, eh?


    • Hi A.R.! Thanks for the welcome. 🙂 Call me paranoid, but I don’t like keeping my work in the cloud. One little snafu and the world gets to see all my rough drafts. (No thanks!) 🙂 I keep multiple copies of my work on different machines at home, and burn them off periodically to disc. It’s more trouble, but I like the security.

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