Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Ten Reasons Why You Should Go on a Writing Retreat

  1. To start a new project.
  2. To complete a project.
  3. To recharge your writing batteries or find your Muse.
  4. To relax or rest. To catch up on your reading. To gain a fresh perspective.
  5. To reward yourself for what you’ve accomplished so far.
  6. To be alone to write.
  7. Or, to be among fellow writers with whom you can discuss ideas, get feedback, or bask in the support of like-minded people.
  8. To evaluate your skill, your projects or your deadlines.
  9. To organize your manuscript(s) and prioritize.
  10. To write in a focused space without the interruptions of your daily life.

2 comments to Ten Reasons Why You Should Go on a Writing Retreat

  • As strange as it sounds, my favorite place to go on “retreat”? The Best Western in Augusta, ME – I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s a REALLY nice hotel – fireplace, whirlpool tub, room service (really excellent chicken club sandwiches!), and seperate sitting room, plus a great great restaurant (cranberry walnut pancakes!) and a spa onsite. When I’m editing or trying to finish a draft, I pack a bag and go there for three days and it’s amazing not only how much I get done but how rested and rejuvenated I feel when I get back!

    • Hi Terri! That sounds like an awesome place to go on retreat. I have a feeling that I wouldn’t get much work done there! I’d be too busy enjoying the place…

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