Friday, February 19th, 2016

Writing Prompt – Then and Now

Old Church ClockHere’s a prompt that will make you think. Take your time and be honest with yourself.

First, make a list of ten-to-fifteen words that describe you as a child.

Next, make a list of ten-to-fifteen words that describe you as you are now.

Here’s Your Prompt:

  • Write about how the lists are the same. What child-like qualities have you maintained? (Or what adult-like qualities did you possess as a child?) How does it make you feel to know that in some ways, you’ve not changed? Do you wish you were more mature?
  • Write about how the lists are different. At what point did you mature? What word was the beginning of the turning point in your life? How do you feel to have lost those child-like qualities? What do you enjoy about being more adult?
  • Think about the first word on the list describing your child-self. Why did this word come to mind first? What are some things you said or did that characterize this word?
  • Similarly, think about the first word on the list describing your more mature self. Why did this word come to mind first? What are some things you say or do that characterize this word?
  • Write a poem, Ode to Yourself. Write it in three parts: the first stanza should describe your child-self and use some of the words on your first list. The last stanza should be about your adult self, and use some of the words on that list. The middle stanza should be a bridge between the two—or a transition—and use words from both lists.

Good Luck!

Friday, February 12th, 2016

Writing Prompt – It takes Two

Two white capsule pills sitting on the tip of someone's index finger.I’ll bet you thought, when you saw the title of this prompt, that we’d be talking about two people.


It’s that close to Valentine’s Day, after all.

And I admit, I thought about it—but what fun is that? So, today’s prompt is about two of something—but not people.

Here’s Your Prompt:
Pick an idiom, write about it – a poem, character sketch, story sketch, scene—whatever. Mind the rules: no people as principal “players” in the prompt…

  • two of a kind
  • of two minds
  • one step forward, two steps back
  • two birds with one stone
  • two shakes of a lamb’s tail
  • it cuts two ways
  • two-timer
  • lesser of two evils
  • no two ways about it
  • can’t serve two masters
  • knocked down a peg, or two…
  • two bricks shy of a load
  • eating for two
  • terrible twos
  • two-faced

Good Luck!

Monday, December 24th, 2012

(Free) Writing Prompt Gift for You – Or Last Minute Gift for Your Writer Friends

Prompt IllustrationMerry Christmas!

Here’s my gift for you (or for you to give to a writer friend).

I’ve created 30 prompts – all different than the ones I’ve used on my Web site for the last few years.

Included are quotes, story sparks, one-word prompts, etc. There are prompts for journalers, short-storyists, poets and novelists. Some are thought-provoking questions, some are simple directives.

(If it sounds like it’s all over the board, it is: I wanted there to be a little something for everyone.) Nonetheless, any prompt can be used multiple ways: if you’re a poet and it tells you to write a story, well, just write a poem! If the prompt is something fictitious and you enjoy journaling, relate it to your life in some way.

The prompts are spread out, 10-to-a-page on 3 pages, with dotted lines between each.

The idea is to print the three pages, cut along the dotted lines. them fold the strips over so the cute image is showing, but not the prompt. Decorate a shoebox or a glass jar, toss them in, then keep them on your desk when you need a bit of inspiration.

Here’s the PDF Link to the free prompts. (Right-click and choose save as to download it to your computer.)

I hope you enjoy them!

You Say You Want More?

If you’re looking for a more robust gift for a writer friend, I’ve written 370 more prompts – one for each day of the year and a few extra which are available in the same format. They’re $2.99 via PayPal. Just click the link below. Once you pay, you’ll be directed to the download link. Thanks!