Monday, July 1st, 2013

Badge of Lies: Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn and I go way back, published by the same small press several years ago, where we both ‘discovered’ each other’s work. His stories have continued to intrigue me. His latest work, Badge of Lies, is no exception.

Rather than do the standard guest interview, I’ve asked Jason to provide an excerpt to whet your appetite, and he’s rather handsomely obliged. I hope you enjoy it. Once your’re done, read more about Jason in my original interview with him here.

Cover of the novel Badge of Lies by Jason Kahn

Badge of Lies is a story of trust and betrayal, of a good cop who has to do bad things to make things right. Thanks to Pro Se Productions for making this possible, and I hope everybody enjoys the ride!

~ Jason

From Badge of Lies by Jason R. Kahn:

I worked it out as I inched ahead, thought about the layout of the place, figured where I’d lay an ambush if it was me. A grim smile spread on my face as I paused at the entryway to the kitchen. There’s Ronnie, head down at the table, top of his head pointed at me, but I’m not focusing on him. I take a single long stride into the middle of the kitchen and pivot left, pointing the Glock. A moment of shock, even though I expect it. In the open window off the inside courtyard, a shadowy figure crouches, waiting. It was a big shadow.

He raises his arm and I don’t need to see the gun as I squeeze the trigger on my Glock and dive. Muzzle flares explode as multiple shots reverb like canon fire in the confined space. I squeeze off a few rounds at the same time as the other guy and feel a sting in my shoulder as my hurtling body crashes into a refrigerator. I go down for a moment, sprawling on the cracked tile floor. Panic spurs me as I scramble to my feet expecting another volley, but he’s gone.

I stood there motionless, gun pointed at the open window for several long seconds as left-over nerves washed through me. My chest stopped heaving as I shakily lowered my arms and re-holstered my piece, moving quickly to the window. I stuck my head out, cool drizzle pattered against my face as I noted the fire escape leading down to the alley behind the building. Doubtless the guy was long gone. I stumbled away from the window, aches and pains starting to radiate through my body as the adrenaline wore off.

Badge of Lies is now available in paperback and Kindle electronic. Buy it now:

Also available: The Killer Within (Kindle) which continues to get great reviews!

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt! For a bigger taste of Jason’s work, you might try listening to one of his previous novels, Dark InSpectre, on audio. Jason makes them available for free – linked from his Web site, here.

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