Sunday, June 21st, 2009

On Writing Workshops

I’m speaking tomorrow evening –on Writing Workshops– at  the Cyclops Bookstore, 30 W.  North Ave. at Maryland Avenue in Baltimore (7:00 p.m.).  It’s  a wonderful opportunity which just fell into my lap.  I’ve been to several writing workshops  (or conferences or retreats or whatever you want to call them…) and I love to talk about my experiences, so this should be a lot of fun.

I’ve been to the Taddle Creek Writer’s Workshop at University of Toronto, Viable Paradise on Martha’s Vineyard and, most recently, Seton Hill University’s Writer’s Retreat in Greensburg, PA.  There have been others, but these stand out in my mind.

At Taddle Creek I met Robert J. Sawyer for the first time.   Many of his lecture’s points pop into my head at appropriate moments when I’m writing, even after all these years (it’s been at least five, maybe more, since I attended Taddle Creek.) Viable Paradise is equally memorable. It is hosted by Teresa & Patrick Nielsen-Hayden, James D. McDonald and Debra Doyle (and others). Elizabeth Bear and John Scalzi instruct there now, too. The Writer’s Retreat at Seton Hill University allowed me to scope out the campus and instructors to determine whether or not I wanted to enroll in their MFA. At SHU I met J.A. Konrath, author of the “Jack Daniels” mysteries and Ginjer Buchanan, Editor and Chief of Ace Books.

I could write quite a bit, but why don’t you let me know what you want to know? That way I can focus. Do you have any burning questions about writing workshops?