Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Writing Prompt – Zzzzzzzzz

Asleep at the LaptopI’ve been in training for the last three days – two in Virginia, and one in Washington, DC, for my day job. It’s geek stuff – and I’m about geeked out.

Between the travel and the all-day tech classes, I am wiped out. (And I’ve got one more day of training tomorrow in DC…)

I can’t wait to slip between the sheets tonight.

Sleep is very much on my mind right now.

And yet, so much goes on when we sleep: we dream, we kick, we toss and turn. We speak. We sleep walk. There”s so much activity! It’s a wonder we get any rest at all.

Here’s Your Prompt: Today, write about sleeping. Write about your sleep habits, or your character’s sleep habits. Write about when you can’t sleep: what triggers your insomnia? How do solve the problem? Write about the dream realm: what kind of place is it? Can you get there even if you’re not asleep?