Friday, August 16th, 2013

Writing Prompt: Random Words

Park bench with wrought -iron handles on a snowy day.Sometimes I find themed writing prompts to be less than inspiring. When that fails, I find a random word generator and offer myself the challenge of using all the words in a story or poem.

Three words seems just about right. I’ve tried more, but the resulting prose can feel contrived — unless you can find a relationship among the many. Sometimes you can. Most often, you can’t.

Today’s three random words come from the Creativity random word generator. I like this one because you can choose between 1 and 8 random words be generated.

(And I love the three words! My mind went right to the macabre! How about you?)

Here’s Your Prompt:

Use the following three randomly-generated words in some form of written creative expression:

coffin       bench        arch

Creative expression can include:

  • a short story
  • a poem
  • a vignette
  • an essay
  • a journal entry: derive your inspiration from real life experiences. You may need to focus on one word of the three.

Good Luck!

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Writing Prompt – 3 Random Words

I finished a novel Tuesday night (yes, during Hurricane Sandy, in the dark, by candlelight)!

I’m in a funny place because I don’t have anything else I’m working on. Usually, I’ve got two or three projects working at one time, but for once, I don’t.

I have a bunch of story ideas, but they’re big projects, and I want to write a few short stories right now.

What do I do when I just want the juices to flow and I haven’t given it any major thought?

I choose three random words and see what falls out of my brain.

Here’s Your Prompt

Find three random words, write them at the top of your page, and recite them over and over in your head for a few moments. Once an idea forms, free-write for 10 or fifteen minutes. Don’t worry about plot, structure or character. If you’re a poet, don’t worry about choosing the right words: just let the ideas flow. If you journal, don’t worry about the details, just the broad strokes.

You can worry about editing, plotting and details when you sit down to edit. This is just about finding some ideas.

Can’t find three random words?

  • Take the first word printed on three even-numbered pages of a magazine or newspaper.
  • Got some junk mail? Choose the first, last and middle words of a sales flyer.
  • Use a tried and true method: randomly open a dictionary and drop a finger down on three separate pages.

Still can’t come up with words?

Here are some lists of three:

  • shoes, pink, television
  • church, merit, knife
  • pub, baboon, strip
  • squeaky, holly, brush
  • orange, wink, mountain
  • mustang, flirt, buy
  • cardboard, fresh, Phoenix
  • impulse, daily, bear
  • key, object, room
  • worry, open, ate

Want an online generator? Try this random word generator at Creativity Games.Net. It will generate up to eight random words.

Good luck!