Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Hellebore and Rue Now Available Electronically

Cover of the Book Hellebore and RueIf you’ve been holding off reading Hellebore and Rue because it’s not available electronically, now’s your chance.

My story, “Sky Lit Bargains” — a tale of woman foot soldier in Brittany who goes off to battle a wyvern — is included in the volume.

From the back cover copy:

“The essence of fantasy is magic and the folklore of women has often dwelt on the innumerable powers they possess. Magic that heals, magic that destroys, magic that saves their community.

It was a winner of a Best Lesbian Science Fiction Award at the Rainbow Book Awards and is on the ALA’s Over the Rainbow list of recommended titles for 2011.

You can find it at at AllRomanceebooks, Amazon, Wizard’s Tower and other outlets where Lethe Press titles are sold. It’s still available in print as well.