Friday, October 19th, 2012

Writing Prompts – Spooktacular Ideas

I’m sitting here sorting through all my boxes of Halloween decorations and watching Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride with my foot propped up.

(Surgery update: My foot looks like a corpse foot. Stitches are out, and it’s blue, green and purple. But it’s on the mend. Yay!)

I’m definitely in the mood for Halloween, my favorite holiday. So, to get you in the mood…

Here Are Some Prompts:

  • The clock struck midnight and…
  • Write a recipe for a witch’s brew, a mad scientist’s potion, a magic spell or a Halloween treat!
  • Write about something possessed, or about being possessed.
  • You walk by the abandoned house in your neighborhood and see a light on in the upstairs window…
  • You don’t believe in ghosts, but suddenly, you see one.
  • You’re sitting home one night when the lights go out, and your dog suddenly starts to whine.
  • Before lunch, you get out of bed on the wrong side, break the vanity mirror in the bathroom, walk under a ladder, and have a black cat cross your path. What follows all these ill omens?
  • If you journal, try these journaling prompts:
    • The thing that scares me the most is…
    • The best (or worst) Halloween you ever had.
    • Talk about candy you remember getting as a child, but can’t find anymore.
    • You won’t believe this story, but I swear it’s true…
    • Bobbing for apples.

Good Luck!