Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day – What Are You Up To?

1700s Valentine It’s Tuesday night. So it’s game night in the Harmon Household.

This means that the Husband of Awesome™ and a platoon of his cohorts are in the nether realms of the basement gaming, drinking scotch, and probably acting like neanderthals.

(They probably wouldn’t like me saying that.)

But that’s not hard to believe if you’d hear the laughter rolling up the stairs like thunder every so often. (One wonders what they jabber about. The game should be taking all their attention, right?)

They approached me last week and asked if it were all right to play tonight. I was dumbfounded.

I mean, I knew I wasn’t celebrating tonight. (We’re gearing up for a raucous party Friday night.) But what are the odds that the Husband of Awesome™ and every single one of his gaming buddies is free as well?

I smell a conspiracy.

I told them that I wasn’t the woman they needed to clear this with…after all, every one of them has a wife or fiancée. They should be asking their own women!

But darned if every one of them didn’t show up tonight.

So, I’m writing blog posts…and cleaning off the desk. Looking forward to Friday when I can spend a lot more time in the company of the Husband of Awesome™. What are you all up to tonight?