Monday, March 14th, 2011

Visualizing Pi – Very Cool Infographic!

Two Pi interludes in one day, how kewl is that?

Lauren Jackson of the Pacific Northwest Librarians sent me a link to a very fine infographic about Pi (below). I had to share. (It’s had me giggling all the while I’m typing this.)

To let blog readers who may not follow me on Facebook in on the joke: I’m giggling because it comes on the heels of a Facebook post I made earlier today about an infographic on infographics:


Here’s the infographic on infographics in case you’re wondering. The Pi graphic isn’t nearly as colorful, but it’s chock-full of geeky math goodness. That’s a hit in my book.

Thanks, Lauren!

Visualizing Pi

Source: Visualizing Pi

You can see a larger version of the Pi infographic by clicking on it.