Saturday, September 7th, 2013

I Have Figs!!

I have been babying a few fig trees for the last few years, wrapping them up in blankets and straw each winter and letting them breath in the spring.

One has taken off really well, the other two only so-so. The second two are a different variety, so it could be that they’re much more slow growing. I really need to do so some research on them…

In all these years, I haven’t had a fig. But now I do! Check out this guy:

Brand new fig on a fig tree.

At first, I thought it was going to be the only fig, but then I noticed this little guy on the other variety of fig:

Brand new fig on a fig tree.

I know it’s late in the season, and I can’t help but wonder if we hadn’t had that late frost in May this year if I wouldn’t have seen these fellas earlier. I can only hope that we don’t have an early frost: or else I’ll lose these before they even get a chance.

For those who are wondering, here are my figs. The tallest tree towers over me by a good three feet, so I’d say it’s close to nine or ten feet tall.


Keep your fingers crossed: no early frost!

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carnival Squash

Once again I’m headed north for Thanksgiving.

Looking forward to turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing, and this fantastic vegetable medley that my aunt makes with Velveeta cheese.

(Yeah, I know it’s not real cheese, but it’s fabulous!)

I’m also looking forward to a tryptophan (and carb) induced torpor.

And seconds on those vegetables.

We’ll also probably have venison and sauerkraut and pies…many, many pies.

This year, I’ve candied jack-be-little pumpkins and carnival squash and made pudding (lots and lots of pudding…because, who knew cooked pudding wasn’t supposed to be boiled?)

I’m looking forward to complaining about work, and hearing everyone else complain, and getting advice about everything, and hauling out the family photo albums, and talking about Thanksgivings past. I’ll groan the loudest when Mom tells me she’s finished her Christmas shopping, and admit that I haven’t started yet.

(Except that’s not exactly true. I have: I’ve bought one gift for my sister. I’ll admit that, too.)

I’ll ask my Uncle how his fig tree did this year (he swore he was giving up on it, and maybe he has…) And I’ll tell them I’m experimenting with mine: trying to winter them over in my harsh climate just like my great-grandad Spina did, by roping them down to the ground and burying them until Spring.

The kids will fight. (Someone might get hurt.) The dog will bark. Loudly.

One or two will slip from the table to watch the game while the rest of us talk about ‘all that boring stuff.’

It’s the same recipe every year…and just like those vegetables, I can’t get enough.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

And thank you to everyone who reads my blog, and for all the wonderful comments. Thank you for the emails, and the advice when I’ve asked for help, and for reading my stories. You guys are the best!