Monday, July 18th, 2011

How Do You Cope When the Best Laid Plans Foil Your Resolutions?

Kelly A. Harmon Researches Contemporary LifeI got absolutely no writing done last week.

I was away, having a moderately fun time in a well-known location doing some research for a contemporary novel I’m contemplating writing.

Ha. I thought I’d have time to relax from the research and put in a few hours each day editing or writing anew.

One day I made the effort.


The rest? A bust…even though I meticulously prepared.

Lesson: Just take a vacation.

Or, maybe: Build more days into the “off” schedule (so that the stats don’t look so bad at the end of the year). 🙂

This week isn’t shaping up much better as I’ve got some (unexpected) travel and training to attend for the day job. Since I’m prepared from last week, it won’t be a problem to carry along the current projects…but I’m doubting I’ll find time.

Still, I’m going to try and make the effort.

What do you do when things go awry? Do you settle for less than you want to do, or bag it all together?