Friday, November 15th, 2013

Writing Prompts – Bits of Conversation

Couple in a bar having a bad date.I’m an eavesdropper. I admit it.

Wherever I go, I’m tuning in to the things that are being said around me.

I’m a snob, though. I generally don’t listen in on conversations between, for instance, the barista and the guy in front of me buying coffee. The guy buying coffee is passing time, waiting for his extra foamy tallboy. The barista is paid to be charming.

That conversation? Worthless. Usually.

I might listen in if there’s no one else around, but I’d rather listen to the old folks behind me, talking in hushed whispers. Or the goth couple hanging out in the corner arguing.

I love it when I’ve already sat down and gotten my coffee. (Black thanks, I’ll add a bit of cream for myself.) Because if I’m sitting, I can take notes. Awesome.

Conversation is great fodder for scenes. It can prompt entire stories.

Here’s Your Prompt:

(And your homework!)

Make time to sit in a place where you can overhear what other people are saying. With luck, you’ll start hearing things in the middle of the conversation.

After you’ve written a few lines, stop listening and re-read what you’ve written down. What story does it spark? Write it.

If you don’t like the first conversation, go listen to another. This time, stop transcribing when something catches your fancy.

If you can’t get out, do an internet search for “overheard conversations.” There are tons of them out there. Ignore the context and the celebrity of who said what. Find a conversation you like, and write from there.

Good luck!

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

It’s National Coffee Break Day – Have You Had Your Cup (or Pot) Today?

National Coffee Break Day 201Apparently, it’s National Coffee Break Day.

(Not to be confused with National Coffee Day, September 29). Today, we’re just taking a break.

I’ve celebrated several times. How about you?

In my house, I’m the only one who drinks coffee, which is really cool, because that means it’s all mine. On the other hand, sometimes it would be nice to enjoy a cup with someone.

Sometimes I’ll forgo a coffee craving because I don’t want to make an entire pot.

Another cool thing: I can’t remember the last time I actually made coffee. The Husband of Awesome™ makes me a pot every morning. (Have I mentioned that he doesn’t drink coffee?!)

I’m looking forward to Saturday. I’ll be dropping in on my folks. They have one of those restaurant-grade coffee makers which spills out a pot of java almost faster than it takes you to find a mug and slop in some cream. Some Saturdays, we’ll go through five or six pots of coffee for the five of us. Joy.

I like my coffee with cream and just cool enough to gulp. I like to drink it fast because if it sits too long in the cup it starts to to turn funky. I also prefer the first cup out of the pot because it tastes better than any other.

How about you? Any special coffee preferences?