Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Would You Write in the Bathroom Stall at Work?

Toilet StallWould you steal a few moments of time to write by spending extra time in the bathroom at work?

Someone on one of the many newsletters/mailing lists I read advocates writing for ten or fifteen minutes (whilst sitting on the throne) at work – once or twice a day – as a means to find more time to work on your current manuscript.

I seriously doubt I could do this. Not only am I too busy at work to spend more time than necessary in the ladies room, but I have a feeling that the public nature of a four-stall room provides a less than conducive atmosphere for creativity.

Besides, I’m just not certain I want to be pretending to use the toilet, while attempting to write, while someone in the stall immediately next to me is actually using the toilet.

And can you imagine this conversation, after publishing a blockbuster novel that sells a bazillion copies:

Reporter: Just how did you come up with this fabulous idea?

Author: Well, I was sitting on the crapper when the idea hit me…

I’ve written before about finding small bits of time during the day in which to write.

I’ve found that I can meet my (self-imposed) word goal, even on busy days, by taking advantage of these lulls and wracking up fifty or one hundred, or even several hundred words at a time.

(It took me a while to get over the need for a large block of time in the day to get some writing in, but once past that mind set, I find I’m able to accomplish much more.)

I’m not usually picky about the aesthetics of where I choose to write, but I’m drawing the line at the restroom at work.

How about you? Could you carry a notebook (or netbook!) into the lavatory and work on your masterpiece?