Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Susan’s Got Me Thinking…


Susan Adrian posted a great essay on her Web site a few days ago that really got me thinking. It’s called, “How Not to Act,” and she describes two writers she’s following through the course of their careers.

One writer takes the time to comment on blog posts and to reply to comments on her own blog as well as to any tweets she receives, etc. The other doesn’t.

Guess which one sets the better example, according to Susan?

Susan tells it better. Go read her essay and then come back.  I’ll wait.

I know her post is about many facets of Web etiquette, but it really got me thinking about commenting on blogs. I read a lot of blogs but rarely comment – especially if I have nothing new to add to the conversation. After all, why should I comment if my point has already been made? I get tired of reading, “Me, too!” comments on blogs…so why should I inflict them on others?

Why, to build a community, of course.

(And there are much nicer ways to say, “Me, too!” without actually saying it.)

Susan really hit the nail on the head.

If I’m not commenting, how do you know I’m even reading your blog? How do you know I’m out here listening to what you have to say? How do you know I care?

The thing is…you don’t.

So, I think I’m going to change my personal comment policy… I’m going to try to comment a bit more on the blogs I read…even if someone else beat me to my point. At the very least, it will have me considering how can I say, “Me, too!” without using those words? Writers love these kind of exercises, you know…

Thanks, Susan!


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4 comments to Susan’s Got Me Thinking…

  • Hi Kelly!! Thanks so much for the link. And am interested in your point as well–I admit of all the networking I try to do I’m weakest at commenting on blogs. I tend to zip through Reader, skim, and never get to the actual site. But every once in a while I do *try* to go and comment!! It is worth the effort. 🙂

    I really appreciate your linkage and continuing the discussion!

  • Kelly

    Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by. I **so** understand the Reader issue. Some days, it’s all I can do to skim the headlines on all the blogs I like to frequent. Many days, it’s a toss up for me: read or write….and I really don’t like not writing. I see I’m going to have to try harder…can’t wait for someone to invent the 25-hour day! 🙂

  • Kelly:

    Please do let me know once you find the 25-hour day. I’ll be next in line. (I need an hour a week to watch ANTM…)

  • admin

    Susan: I have found the next best thing: steal 2.5 minutes from every hour in the day and you will have a little over an hour a day extra. Of course, if you only need an hour a week…well, you need only steal seconds! (BTW: Feeling sadly out of touch here, as I had to Google “ANTM” to figure it out…) (!) k

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