Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Here and Safe in Oregon – And Alive!

I made it!

I’m here in Oregon safe and sound.

The trip was brutal:

My 8:25 a.m flight was delayed by an hour – so we had to sit on the tarmac while they figured out why a light in the cockpit wouldn’t shut off. The delay was mostly because of the paperwork that had to be signed off on.

And when my connecting flight to Portland, OR arrived, the yellow emergency slide partially inflated, and we couldn’t leave by that exit. Maintenance was called (this was a different plane, BTW) as well as airport folk, who were to bring a metal staircase to the opposite plane door so we could debark.

Whee! We would have had to go down some steps to the tarmac, and then up some steps to get back into the terminal.

It would have been kewl: but maintenance arrived the same time the steps did, so they decided to let us sit on the plane until the emergency slide was fixed. Ho-hum. I would have liked to go down on the tarmac.

I had to take a shuttle to the rental car place, and them embarked on a two-hour drive (really, longer due to traffic) to Lincoln City on the coast. The scenery was beautiful, once I got out of the city. I can’t wait to do some site seeing.

I’m staying at the Historic Anchor Inn – which is charming. It’s art-deco decor of the 40s and 50s is terrific. All the rooms are decorated with antiques. I so want the lamp that’s in my room.

View of Lush Greenery and a Landed Boat outside the Historic Anchor Inn, Lincoln City Oregon

Here’s the view outside my window:

Hotel Room with Cool 1950s Art Deco Lamp

Thanks for all the well wishes for the flight! More to come…

7 comments to Here and Safe in Oregon – And Alive!

  • Sue

    I bet the temps are much cooler there, too. Glad you arrived safely even though it was not as smooth as one would wish!

  • Thanks, Sue! Temps right now are low 70s. I was hoping for cooler. (And there’s no AC in the hotel, so I’m a tad disappointed…otherwise, this place is GREAT.)

  • A.R. Hill

    Glad to hear you made it! Oregon looks absolutely beautiful. Maybe it will cool down a bit over the weekend?

    • Thanks, A.R. Oregon IS absolutely beautiful. I drove around a bit today and got some wonderful pics of mountains and the Pacific Ocean. (Brrrr. Ocean is cold!) Saw some seals, too. Wow! Temps are in the 60s tonight. Now we’re talking!

    • Hi A.R. Sorry I missed your comment earlier! It did wind up cooling down: the weather was just gorgeous. Now, I’ve got about 600 photos to sort through. (Accidentally set the camera to sport mode at one point and couldn’t figure out how to turn it off! I’ve probably got about a hundred shots of mountains alone. Whee!)

  • You could write some stories about the room, and especially that window view alone! Let’s see, you’ve got a church, a boat, a parking lot, some greenery, and…what IS that big, black barrel-shaped thing in the foreground? An air flask? A boat fender?

    The room’s colors are, well, colorful. Do any of those things glow in the dark?

    Have a wonderful time at the workshop!

    • Hi Steve! I believe that black barrel thing is either a buoy or a bumper (there’s probably a nautical term for that I don’t know, but they hang over the sides of boats and ships so that when they come along side other boats, or up to a dock, they don’t scrape the paint job…) If you really want to know, I’ll take a good look at it tomorrow. 🙂

      And speaking of the room’s colors: you can’t see the purple velour couch on the opposite side of the room! I LOVE it. I don’t think anything glows in the dark, but the ceiling light globes are all sculpted to cast nautical shadows in the evening. Very kewl….

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