Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Remembering Peal Harbor

Bombing of the USS Arizona - Photo from the National Georgraphic Web Site

Quoting myself from last year:

I’m remembering history today, as the attack occurred decades before I was born. I can only imagine the anguish it caused– and the sheer pissed-offed-ness — that this kind of attack engenders…

Thank you, WWII Veterans. Thank you, service men and women of today.

Additional Pearl Harbor Information:

National Park Service – History of the U.S.S. Arizona

National Geographic’s Pearl Harbor Pages

1 comment to Remembering Peal Harbor

  • Marydon

    I love your write today … I’ve used this pic & others for sharing this story … it is such a powerful set of reminders what happened, & can happen once again. Our heroes are always there for us, protecting us & giving us their all! Every military I see I approach & THANK for their service.

    We’ll be back a week from this coming Sunday … you are going to hear SQUEALS & SCREAMS clear out here, when we show up … chuckle!

    Hugs of love to my girl & you both ~

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