Monday, December 6th, 2010

Organizing, anyone? I’m Open to Suggestions…

OrganizedI’m trying to get organized.

Every once in a while when things seem to get out of hand, I decide I need to be more organized.

The fact is: I am really organized. I’m just trying to do too much. I don’t have enough hours in the day to fit everything in.

(Whenever anyone asks me, “What do you want for ___ — fill in the blank: Christmas, Birthday, Other Special Event — I always answer “more time.”)

With the holidays approaching, I’ve reached crunch time again and I feel like everything is going to pieces (even if it’s not). So, I’m back in organization mode (and a bit of procrastinating, too…funny how those seem to go hand-in-hand.)

A while back I tried a “personal wiki” to get things organized, and I loaded one again tonight. I’m using the “GTD Plus” wiki which I can run on a thumb drive. It’s going to take some configuring to make it work, but it does have more going for it than the first version.

I’ve got some novel edits to finish (and then send off to prospective agents), I’ve got a short story to finish for a contest, and another to finish just because it needs to be done, and I’ve got “shared world” manuals to read so that I can submit some stories for that…

….and oh, there’s the cookie baking, and the gift shopping, and the wrapping, and house cleaning… Well, you get the idea.

So,how do you get it all done? What can I do to squeeze more time out of a day? How can I automate things to get more done?

3 comments to Organizing, anyone? I’m Open to Suggestions…

  • I’m kinda in the same boat. I’ve got cookies & biscotti to bake this week, as my husband reminded me, since one of the big friends’ gatherings is Saturday, and… that’s, well, everyone’s gifts.

    None of the wiki’s or online thingies help me… but I do set my email to send me calendar reminders, which does help some.

    Besides that, a proper soundtrack blaring? Sounds silly, but I totally am energized if I’ve taken the time to find the right music to accomplish everything.

    • Hi Trish! I haven’t even started baking my biscotti! (And I’m already earmarking a dozen or so for you…) Craziness will definitely ensue around this weekend.

      You’re so right about music. The right song can be absolutely motivating! (I’m experimenting with some lounge music this morning. Funny, but hardly getting me to move!)

  • Sue

    Set realistic priorties and give yourself permission that it’s O.K. if not everything gets done. Otherwise, you risk missing the joy of the season. I remember one year when I was working outside the home, attending night classes, taking care of my family and had a final exam on December 22nd. Hubby and children did almost all the Christmas preparations. They bought all the gifts while I spend time researching in the library–that was before internet days. They did all the wrapping, all the decorating and baking did not get done at all. I feel that I did miss some of the job, but the family worked toward a common goal. Not everything I want gets done every year. More baking some years–shopping done earlier some years–house more decorated some years–and house cleaning NEVER done!!

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