Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Oops, Nature Did it Again…

Snow - February 22, 2011
Snowy landscape just before sunrise this morning.

Did the the groundhog lie? I thought the wintry weather was officially over, but we got stormed upon last night. Again.

I’m not complaining – I love a fresh blanket of pristine snow. I’m like a kid when it starts falling: all giddy and hyper, not matter the time of day.

Some time before midnight, I turned on the floodlights and walked onto the back deck to listened to it snow.

I love how insulating snowfall is, blocking out all the other sounds.

To me, snowfall sounds like hot water sizzling in a cast iron pan. But last night, a bit of sleet sleet mixed with the snow. I found the patter of those thousands of tiny ice shards so inviting, so energizing– that had it been a bit warmer, I might have found a way to hang out with my laptop and write.

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