Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

New Author Photo!

Photo of Kelly A. HarmonI’m one of those people who abhors  having my photo taken. Because I’m so stiff in front of the camera, the photographer usually has to take a zillion shots to get a halfway decent pic. Inevitably, once it’s over, we’re both mad at each other and I’m exhausted.

Unpleasant, to say the least.

But, I needed a new author photo for the Eternal Press Web site. I also needed a photo for a new column I’m writing for the The North Eye monthly newsletter. I guess when two folks come knocking, it’s time to get things done. I buckled.

(In reality, I could have sent them both the same old photo I’ve been using…but it just felt the like the right time for an upgrade. You know?)

I put my hair in rollers for this shoot. Can you tell? It’s all smooth and shiny, not my usual wildness! And the curls are so bouncy that my hair looks much shorter than it actually is. Nonetheless, I think this pic is halfway decent, except for the smooth coiffure….in retrospect, I’d prefer my Medusa snarls.

Still, not half bad. And my big crystal spider is visible. Spiders: always a plus.

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