Monday, April 11th, 2011

What Movie Would You Drive 2 Hours to See?

It’s been pointed out to me that next week Atlas Shrugged — the movie — is being released (April 15).

How serendipitous! (Or not, really…)

I had no idea a movie was in the making (but I generally don’t follow that stuff anyway – so, please, cut me a break 🙂 ).

There will be limited showings, so, I hope there’s one in my neck of the woods — or close by. I’ll define “close” as within a 2-hour one-way drive. I’d like to see it ASAP since I’ve finished the book so recently.

(My take on the book, in case you missed it.)

Apparently, the book is so long, that the movie needs to be produced in three parts. Only part 1 is available next week. You can see the trailer, which I’ve plugged in below, as well as several scenes from the movie at the official web site. There are also two spankin’ movie posters on the site.

I love the “Who is John Galt?” poster. I’m going to hang it here in my office.

Here’s the trailer:

So: what movie would you drive two hours to see?

11 comments to What Movie Would You Drive 2 Hours to See?

  • That’s a tougher question than it appears, really. Most of the movies I have driven 90 minutes for (fortunately, I live in MA with Boston, Providence, and Northampton all w/in 90 minutes so if I’m driving > 90 minutes, it’s 4 hours to NYC… but I digress…) have been ones I didn’t plan for: Neil Gaiman’s MIRRORMASK and then LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (before the American remake that was available in wide release). Before that it was REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, but that is as much an event as a movie… like Rocky Horror.

    If there was a Doctor Who movie with Tennant, I’d drive to NYC even for that. (Or take a bus, at least).

    For specific book remakes… AMERICAN GODS would be up on the list, as would anything of SANDMAN or DEATH. So, Gaiman would do it for me. If someone managed to do a movie for HUNDRED THOUSAND KINGDOMS, I’m SO there. Probably also for OLD MAN’S WAR or ENDER’S GAME.

    BUT – and there’s this caveat because my husband is a closet movie critic/obsessive fan, if research/reviews/etc showed that one of those was really poorly done, I might just wait for DVD.

    Also, if someone I was a particular SuperFangirltoDeath of: author, artist, band – was working on a movie project, I’d travel to go see that. (Hell, I went down to Atlanta partly just so I could see the Cruxshadows live!!)

    Besides that, the movie I’d most expect to drive off and make a day-trip for is the one I don’t know about yet. 🙂 It’s likely some independent film with an excellent script, directing, and plot… possibly an obscure book remake, but just as easily not. It may or may not have actors I adore. It may or may not have a director whose name I recognize or can pronounce.

    But there’s something magic in that trailer or in a write-up that says, “You gotta see this!”

  • Steve

    This website lists everywhere Atlas is showing:
    Some theater might meet your 2 hour requirement!

    • Hi Steve! You’re right, I’m in luck. It looks like I’ll be able to see the movie within an hour’s drive. If I can’t get the Husband of Awesome™ to go with me, are you game? There’s got to be some place to meet in the middle. We can drag Margery, too…

  • Steve

    Sounds good! I’ll respond by e-mail shortly.

  • Carl Rauscher

    What movie? Ender’s Game. If you haven’t read the book, you won’t understand how awesome this movie will be (provided Hollywood doesn’t bugger it up.)

    • Hi Carl! Thanks for the link. Now that I’ve read the story, I must admit that I’m worried. Star Trek has been ruined in my eyes (though I admit I know little about these two guys involvement in my current dislike of how all things Trek are handled) … but Ender’s Game is too precious, too momentous a book, a classic – if you will. And to use your terms: I’d hate to see Hollywood bugger it up. (Frankly, everything I’ve seen out of Hollywood lately has either been a remake – can’t they produce anything new? – or completely buggered up. I’ll err on hopeful at this point: I’d love to see an Ender movie done right.)

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