Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Morning After Christmas Conversation

Snow Falling on Park Bench

Conversation about 20 minutes ago:

Husband of Awesome™ walks up two flights of stairs from the man cave to see how I’m doing.

Husband of Awesome™: Why does your office smell like onions?

Me: You’re probably smelling the potato salad I had for breakfast.

Husband of Awesome™: Eww.

Me: Can you do me a favor?

Husband of Awesome™: Not if it means getting closer to onions.


Conversation I imagine we’ll have the next time he pops in to check on me:

Husband of Awesome™: Why does your office smell like sauerkraut?

Me: You’re probably smelling the sauerkraut I had after the potato salad. You know – to get rid of the smell of onions.

Husband of Awesome™: (Shakes head and leaves, wordlessly)

Me: (Laughing…) What!?


In my book, there is nothing better than Christmas leftovers for breakfast the day after Christmas. Yum!

And it’s snowing again, yippee! White Christmas and more snow coming. I smell a sleigh ride at lunch time (after a ham sandwich, some crab dip and a huge hunk of fruit cake)!

What’s everyone else doing today?

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