Sunday, February 14th, 2010

How About a Little Romance?

Prone Cupid With an Arrow Stuck in his BackHow would you like a little romance with your science fiction, fantasy and horror?

The Broads over at Broad Universe are launching their “Rapid Fire Readings” into the PodVerse for your listening pleasure. A “rapid fire reading” or “RFR” is a session of five-to-seven authors each reading a five-minute section of a story they’ve written…just a little “taste” of what they’re up to.

The Broads have a full line-up of podcasts they’ll be doing this year, starting off with this one. Of course, the theme is romance.

Here’s the link to BroadProd.


[BTW: I stole this cupid graphic from I don’t read the site: I found the graphic via Google Images. Just wanted to give credit where credit is due…]

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