Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day – What Are You Up To?

1700s Valentine It’s Tuesday night. So it’s game night in the Harmon Household.

This means that the Husband of Awesome™ and a platoon of his cohorts are in the nether realms of the basement gaming, drinking scotch, and probably acting like neanderthals.

(They probably wouldn’t like me saying that.)

But that’s not hard to believe if you’d hear the laughter rolling up the stairs like thunder every so often. (One wonders what they jabber about. The game should be taking all their attention, right?)

They approached me last week and asked if it were all right to play tonight. I was dumbfounded.

I mean, I knew I wasn’t celebrating tonight. (We’re gearing up for a raucous party Friday night.) But what are the odds that the Husband of Awesome™ and every single one of his gaming buddies is free as well?

I smell a conspiracy.

I told them that I wasn’t the woman they needed to clear this with…after all, every one of them has a wife or fiancée. They should be asking their own women!

But darned if every one of them didn’t show up tonight.

So, I’m writing blog posts…and cleaning off the desk. Looking forward to Friday when I can spend a lot more time in the company of the Husband of Awesome™. What are you all up to tonight?

10 comments to Happy Valentine’s Day – What Are You Up To?

  • Sue Black

    We spent the day at the beach. Stopped at Pizza Hut on our way “home”. Watched a little TV while doing a load of laundry. Now, both of us can harly keep our eyes open but not sure it’s decent time to go to bed yet! I thik Patti says that anytime after 9:00 p.m. is decent.

  • A. R. Hill

    Hi Kelly!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! My husband and I hit IHOP in our gothiest (well perhaps not gothiEST per se, but still nice) finery for some midnight pancakes. Then we came home to a tech problem with our website…that kept us up until 5AM, haha!

    A. R.

    • Hi A.R.! Midnight pancakes sound scrumptious. I could go for a stack right now. 🙂

      So sorry to hear about the Web site. No fun. Is it book, writing, editing, publishing relating? Please, share!

  • Hi Kelly!

    It’s sort of a publishing website; my husband and I have a company that develops pencil and paper RPGs, card games and publishes novels. Right now we’re doing in-house novels (only mine so far), but we’re hoping to be able to pick up other people some day. We have 1 pencil and paper RPG that’s almost ready to go out, called “Treasure Hunter”; it’s in the beta stage, and it was with our tester feedback page that we experienced the problem. Other than my first novel, that’s all we have out at the moment, though we’ve got other things in development. I’ve posted the webpage in the “website” section for this comment if you’d like to see it, but it is currently being reconstructed by my husband.

    A. R.

    • Hi A.R.

      Your Web site looks very interesting! I can’t wait to see more. I’ll be checking back to see things as they go live (do nudge me here just in case). We have a weekly game night here at the house, and it’s not poker… Will you be selling dice? (I love new dice.)

      I didn’t see anything about your novel, did I miss that page? Is it available anywhere else? Do tell. 🙂 (Just judging from your Web site, I have a feeling your novel is right up my alley…)

  • Cori B

    I was looking forward to the cliche dinner and a movie sans child. Evening started off nice with dinner at my favorite restaurant, Cal Tort. Had a free Birthday Burrito Bowl. They were also giving out ‘Love Chips’ for the occasion.

    Headed to the movies where we waited almost 40 mins. (past start time) for the movie to start before asking for a refund. The movies are mostly digital now and they never received the code to ‘open up’ the sneak preview we were there to see.

    Fortunately I had picked up a reserved movie at the library that afternoon so we headed home, donned our pj’s and watched a cute movie after all.

  • Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for taking a look! I’ll let you know when Treasure Hunter finally hits the shelves. Might be a bit before our online games get moving though. We are hoping to get some custom dice made in the future, maybe with our logo as the 1 pip, but that’s a ways off unfortunately.

    My author page is down at the moment, though I’ve spurred the husband to take a look at it tonight. We had to remove everything when we took over managing the site from our old webmaster, and my page simply hasn’t been rebuilt yet. I do have a page for the book up on goodreads.com, though I’ve been a bit, ah, lax in creating my author bio; the book is called “A Light Against the Darkness” and is available on Amazon. It’s a vampire novel, though not of the romantic sort. 😉

    • Hi A.R!

      Your book sounds appealing. I’m not a big vampire fan, mostly because of the sparkly kind these days… but I see from your reviews that your book is not…sparkly. Just the opposite, in fact. It’s on my list to pick up…. (Shhh. Don’t tell the hub I’ve put in an order, he doesn’t need to know I’m buying more books…)

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