Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Dollar Store Win!

I stopped at a Dollar Store (Dollar Tree?) over the weekend and couldn’t believe the selection of books they had on the shelf. I picked up Susanna Clarke’s Hugo Winner: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and Dava Sorbel’s: The Planets (which I know nothing about…but I LOVED Galileo’s Daughter, so I assume I’ll like this one, too.) I’m looking forward to reading it.

I’ve already started Jonathan Strange…

I’m committed to reading all the Hugo winners…I should probably post that list in addition to my Project Fill in the Blanks list…. In the meantime, I’ll war with my conscience over the fact that I bought two awesome (hard back) books – brand new – for a dollar each. I mean, it’s not like I bought them used, right? Or is it?

Can anyone comment on an author’s earnings from a book purchased at the dollar store?

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