Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Does Anyone Read Just One Book?

Piles of Books

Not my Books.

I’m a book junkie. I can’t help myself.

I buy them new, I buy them used. I accept boxes and bags of them from friends and relatives who’re giving them away.

I stop at yard sales, library book sales and thrift stores…

I’m not too  particular. I’ll read just about anything. Of course, science fiction, fantasy and horror rank pretty high on my list, and I’ll usually pick up one of those before I choose something else.

Lately, I’ve discovered a passion for YA….and I’ve been re-reading my childhood favorites: Eager (I found him first) and Nesbit.

But the problem with having a lot of books is the desire to read them all…sometimes at the same time.

I’m currently reading:

  • White Witch, Black Curse – Kim Harrison
  • Buy Jupiter and Other Stories – Isaac Asimov
  • Imperium – Robert Harris
  • Booklife – Jeff Vandermeer
  • Simplify Your Time – Marcia Ramsland
  • Dangerous Visions – Harlan Ellison (Ed.)

It’s true, a few of these are short-story anthologies, but sometimes I don’t even have time to sit and read an entire story. Mostly, with my busy schedule, it’s a few pages at a time. I’ll admist I’m cheating with White Witch, Black Curse : it’s on CD, and I’m listening to it on the way to work during my one-hour commute, and back again in the afternoon.

I got to read the Asimov book for a 40-minute metro commute into DC last week, because it was electronic, and I happened to have my Ipod in my pocket…

So, what I happen to be reading at any given moment is largely turning into a matter of convenience: How much time do I have? How big is the book? What am I doing? (Why, yes ! Sometimes you can get a bit of reading in during a hike.)

It takes me a longer length of time to get through an average book, but I’m enjoying more of them at a single time. The beauty is: I almost never get bored, and if I do, I can always set something down and pick up something else.

Anyone else enjoy reading more than one book at a time?

9 comments to Does Anyone Read Just One Book?

  • Diane Scott Lewis

    I understand exactly what you mean. My husband thinks I’m insane, but I can read two or three books at the same time. I started that in grade school. Great post.

  • Hi, Kelly,

    I’m often reading a couple of different books at once. I am a staff reviewer for two erotica web sites, so I’m almost always in the middle of some erotic title, but I find I can’t take that as a steady diet. (Need to let my pulse get back to normal LOL!) So I’ll read sci fi, mysteries or “literary” fiction. One of the best books I’ve read recently is “A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian” by Marina Lewycka. Despite the title, this is a novel, very sharp and funny but full of insight.

    At the moment I’m reading a Patricia Cornwall mystery, “Scarpetta”. It’s not great but I find that once I start something it has to be really horrible for me to chuck it before I’m done.


  • I was bad before I got my Kindle, now I’m worse. I’m reading “Shutter Island” on the Kindle. I just finished “Black Magic Sanction”, loved it, and started “Night Life.” Also reading “Ride the Silver Broomstick” and “Julie and Julia.” Live to read, play the dulcimer, paint, and oh yeah, write.

    • Hi Carol. I’m afraid I’m going to be quoting you soon: “I was bad before my Kindle…” Oh, boy. I thought it was easy to pick up half a dozen books at a yard sale…now that I can push a button, I’ll be collecting them by the dozens. (I need a reading a vacation! But then, when would I write?)

  • Oh, and I forgot “The Lightening Thief” the book I keep in the car in case I don’t grab the kindle or another book.

    • Oh! I keep “Ivanhoe” around for just that occasion. I want to read it, but can’t seem to tolerate more than a few pages at a time. It’s the perfect book for those “found minutes” of reading time..

  • margaret west

    I don’t think any writer can ‘not’ be a book junkie. It’s in our blood lol I love reading, but find myself half way through various books. Time just seems to allude me, yet I still add to my TBR pile on a monthly basis. It’s like I’m torturing myself lol

    • Hi Margaret! Adding to the book pile is torture…. hhm. I never thought of it that way, but I definitely see your point. Oh, and I never have enough time to read…there’s always that choice: read or write? There’s a fine balance there…

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