Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Darkover Schedule – Thanksgiving Weekend

Darkover 34 ConventionI received my Darkover Schedule for November!

I’m ‘totally psyched’ about being invited back. I attended for the first time last year, and met many (fascinating, literary, exciting, and interesting) people that I hope to connect with again.

The line-up is HUGE this year, and includes such greats as C.S. Friedman, Esther Friesner, Delia Sherman, Ellen Kushner, Mark P. Donnelly, Katherine Kurtz, Melissa Scott, and more! I can’t wait.

Here’s my tentative schedule (Friday, November 25- Sunday, November 27):


  • 5 PM How Many Vampires Does It Take To…
    Literature about vampires is approaching its 300th anniversary in Western literature (and it’s even older in Asian literature). What makes these night-loving messy eaters so fascinating? If you had the chance to be immortal, would you pay this price? With Margaret Carter, Heather Rose Jones,Tim Liebe, Scott MacMillan; Don Sakers, Mod.
  • 8pmBroad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
    With Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Debra Killeen, and Vonnie Winslow-Crist. (If you want me to read from anything in particular, drop me a line!)


  • 11amThe Literary Handyman: Q&A on the Craft and Business of Being a Writer.
    Hear about professional experience on both sides of the world of publishing. The audience presents questions about the topic and the panel fields them. With Danielle Ackley-McPhail.
  • 4pmAutograph session.
    (This is more for the big guys, but I’m on the roster anyway. 🙂 )


  • 11 amPromoting 101
    Workshop/panel discussion. Learn about when and how to promote for little to no expense. Covers creative marketing, reviews, press releases, author interviews, and more. With Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Elektra Hammond.
  • 1pm Animal Sidekicks
    Besides cats, wolves, horses and dragons what else is there and why? With Tim Liebe, Alanna Morland, Michelle Sonnier and Carl Cipra, Mod.
  • 2PMQuestions and Answers
    All authors. Come and ask questions of your favorite authors who are here this year. Jennifer Heise (Mod)

Darkover is held in Timonium, MD. If you’re in the area, I do hope you stop by.

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