Sunday, November 20th, 2011

What do You Think of This Bookcase?

Expedit Bookcase from IkeaI’m thinking about buying this ‘Expedit’ bookcase from Ikea.

(Since I had to take everything out of my office and do it over, I thought I’d treat myself to some new bookshelves.)

It won’t quite fit in my space, so I’ll probably wind up buying three of the single stacks which are five cubes high, and create a 3 x 5 cubed shelf by smooshing them together.

I have a short bookcase on another wall that I might replace with a taller bookcase from Ikea in the same line.

I like the cubes because I can use some of the space for things other than books, like photos or art.

On the box-opening front, I’ve opened about 20 boxes and put the items back in the closets they came out of. I’ve weeded out nearly four boxes of items to get rid of. (That’s 20% of my junk, for you statistics-minded people.)

I’m happy with 20% at this stage of the game. I knew it would be difficult to toss out a lot of the items in the closet because the bookcase in there contains mostly genealogical materials: binders full of census data, photos, city directories, cemetery and military information. There’s not much “junk” that could have been tossed.

Unfortunately, a few of the boxes for the closet area were my own…full of old family photos and letters which haven’t gotten into binders. I’m putting going through those boxes on my “to do” list for next year.

(Next year’s to-do list is starting to look REALLY ambitious.)

The big disappointment today is that when I was filing some of those boxed papers back into the file cabinet, I realized that the movers dented up my file cabinet. It’s really bad, too. I can’t open the third drawer…. I hope they’ll replace it.

So…what do you think of the shelves? Yea or nay?

4 comments to What do You Think of This Bookcase?

  • It looks good! I could use shelves like that. I converted a waterbed frame into shelf space, but I didn’t take the more modular approach that this uses.

    • Hi Gary! Great use for the waterbed frame! Ikea states you can use this shell as a room divider, too, since it’s finished on both sides. But A.R. is making me think twice about the purchase. They’re collapsible, apparently!

  • A. R. Hill

    Hi Kelly,

    Just chucking in my 2 cents again. I have helped another couple move that particular shelving unit in the past; it ended up collapsing into rubble when we tried to take it off the truck. Given that we moved it a whopping 20 miles…not very sturdy. It should be fine if you are not planning to move it once it’s assembled though.

    Best regards,
    A. R. Hill

  • Hi A.R.!

    Thanks for the info. This must be why Ikea tells you to bolt it to the wall! Appreciate you passing this along…

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