Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Bits of News and Stuff

I had planned for 2011 to be a quiet year as far as being involved was concerned. I want to write more, finish more and submit more than I was able to do last year due to the blog tour, and teaching, and conventions.

And so far, so good. I’ve gotten much more writing done this year (so far) than I had in the same time frame last year.

But, suddenly, there’s a lot going on. Which is good, I realize, so I’ve decided to roll with it.

Here’s the news:

I’ve been interviewed for the Fascinating Authors web site…. link to interview here… and there’s an accompanying radio interview, too. That hasn’t been posted yet, but I’ll mention a link when I have it. (The radio interview was A LOT of fun!)
Hellebore and Rue Anthology Cover
And I’ve gotten an invitation to Syndcon – a gaming convention in Rockville, MD, (in April) and I’ve accepted. I’m tentatively scheduled to teach a writing workshop with some other writers in the area, as well as appear on some panels.

Any gamers lurking out there who want to learn a bit about writing?

We’re brainstorming some gaming/writing ideas right now. If you’re interested in seeing something in particular, send me a note. I’ll suggest it to the programming staff.

(I hope I’ll get some gaming in, too, during the con. It’s been a while since I’ve taken my bag of dice and characters out for a spin.)

I’ve also been invited back to Darkover. I had a total blast last year, so you can bet I’ll be back. (Darkover happens over Thanksgiving weekend.)

And saving the best for last: Hellebore and Rue is officially out! (I’ll post some buy links as soon as I track them down.)

I’m still in love with that cover. Isn’t it gorgeous?

If you enjoy stories of women wielding magic, you may want to check it out. I’ve written a tale about a swordsmistress who fights a wyvern — with the help of a sorceress.

(You’ll have to let me know what you think if you read it.)

6 comments to Bits of News and Stuff

  • Cori B

    Sounds like a lot of good stuff for your writing career.

  • Kelly – congratulations on all the good news! I hadn’t heard of Syndcon, but it is definitely on my list of things to do this year. Nearly right in my backyard…

    I’d love to hear more about how writers like myself are finding insights via the new generation of story games: Dogs in the Vineyard, Fiasco, Geiger Counter, Primetime Adventures, etc. It won’t be long before the marriage between these creative outlets merge with the unrealized potential driving the rise of ebooks. Imagine how powerful a writing experience will be when readers can interact with the material in a sort of collaboration-at-a-distance with authors. One early indication of how this might work is “Curveship”, a form of interactive narrative where the reader can affect the storyline by determining POV (altering perception and mood of the story) and timeframe (happening now vs. in the past).

    I love living in the future!!

  • Hi Carl! Nice to hear from you! Oh, boy…we should talk soon. The programmers are looking for input from gamers for the writing/gaming slate and it sounds like you have some good ideas.

    I’ll be in touch!


  • Did I ever show you my picture of when Gary Gygax was the DM for an adventure I played? I get a +2 on my Geek rolls when I flash that baby in public.

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